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Some of the oldest commercial establishments of Barcelona boast a plate, set in the pavement in front of the entrance, with an inscription in which the Council acknowledges their long-lasting contribution to the city’s heritage. The plate is made of cast iron, with designs allegoric of different commercial activities and the year in which the shop opened. This is the Guapos per sempre (Forever Beautiful) plate, awarded by the Barcelona Urban Landscape Institute since 1993 to distinguish some old shops -and generations of shopkeepers- that have kept business afloat into a modern economy and yet managed to preserve the distinct character and the original artistic values of the establishment. Award winners all have more than half a century of continued activity within the original commercial sector and in the same neighbourhood and, most importantly, have all made an effort to preserve their original outer appearance.

Modernist establishments awarded

In 2004 up to 105 establishments had a Guapos per sempre plate on their doorstep: here is a selection of the Modernista awards.

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The Barcelona Modernisme Route is an itinerary that takes you through the Barcelona of Gaudí, Domènech i Montaner and Puig i Cadafalch, the architects who, together with others, made Barcelona the world capital of Modernisme. This Route enables you to get to know thoroughly impressive palatial residences, amazing houses, the temple that has become a symbol of the city and a huge hospital, but it also includes humbler and more everyday buildings and items such as chemists’, shops, lampposts and benches - modernist works which show that Art Nouveau put down strong roots in Barcelona and today Modernisme is still an art that is alive and part of life in the city.

The Guidebook of Barcelona Modernisme Route can be acquired in our centers of Modernisme.

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