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Queviures Múrria


Open shop under the name of La Puríssima in 1898, as a coffee roaster, which is currently kept in the hands of other owners as a grocery store. All exterior decoration is preserved, mainly highlighted by the signs and glazed advertising posters, especially the traditional one of "Anís del Mono". In the interior small modifications have been made, but the furniture where it was collected, the counter and the subsequent sideboards, all of them made of melis pine wood, with simple geometrical ornaments, are still kept.

A historic commercial establishment that opened in 1898 as a coffee roaster and rolled wafer manufacturer under the name of a nearby church, “La Puríssima”. The shop evolved to become one of the most famous Barcelona groceries, and features Modernista fire-tinted glazing signs that bring a cheerful touch to the façade, in particular the original advertisement for Anís del Mono, designed by Ramon Casas.

An indoor gastronomic space run by chef Jordi Vila will be added in December 2022 that can accommodate twenty-five people.

Actions on Modernista Heritage City Council Programme Barcelona, posa’t guapa (Barcelona, get pretty)

Restoration of façades, balconies and carpentry (blinds).
Fachadas exteriores, fachadas interiores, patio de luces y ascensor. 29/1/2009

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